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So I’m sitting at this laundry mat. It’s funny how everyone is here doing the same thing. Washing their clothes 😅 but even tho we’re all doing the same thing people are still yah know…strange. Haha this dude was saying pssst pssst to this dude he was doing laundry with. Like why can’t you just say his name? Like that’s weird. Lol and you have me here. Headphones on sunglasses on [only because I have no makeup on] haha and plus I don’t want any eye contact lol!

If music didn’t exist I’d prob super sad. Sitting here by myself with just silence or the noises the washing machines make would make me go cray. Haha I’m trying to do my laundry as fast as I can. Three loads. 😒. I haven’t done my laundry for 3 weeks and I still had outfits for months. Okay maybe weeks but still.

Sometimes since I people watch I wonder what they think of me? Lol since I’m like this girl listening to music bobbing her head sunglasses on drinking jamba.

Promises- jhene aiko
Feeling this song.
“Promise I’ll be alright. Promise I’ll be alright. Promise I’ll be alright”

Lmao. I’m sitting thinking how I told my bro to help me and his ass just went back to sleep and I responded saying. This is how a single mother feels 😂😂😂

Alright well i can’t think anymore with all this good music playing. So this is my little rant for today.